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Lifts and Trails Resort Update

Steven Hubert

Week of Dec 18

Pushed a bunch of fixes including:
BLUE Mountain - Blue Squares aren’t rendering in blue mountain because of conflicting styles
[GLOBAL\] Weather widget - Snowfall banner rendering 0-0-0
[Mammoth\] Missing divider from weather widget
[Global\] Bug Encountered with the SnowFall Banner New Snow
And fixed/standardized some code to provided a more consistant experience:
[Global\] Update snowfall banner render logic
\[Global\] Snowfall Banner \(original and condensed\) ensure we render the exact value in MTN Powder without additional logic
We are actively working with Tremblant directly on their page. Once they are live we will move on to the final resorts: Crystal, June and Palisades in the new year.

Week of Dec 11

Blue Mountain is now live!
In progress tickets include:
Correct scroll back functionality
Fix incorrect snowmaking mapping for overnight, nighttime status’s

Week of Dec 4

Parks will show up as a difficulty along side Green, Blue, Black, etc. If a resort has a trail and park together they should be listed as separate in MtnPowder and the resort can hide from totals. This is closer to the spirit that NSAA wants.
We were able to launch Sugarbush, and they are now live on the new Lift and Trails page as well
A large number of bugs/features have deployed including:
You can now assign icons in Mountain Powder for activities and they will show up in the front end. Not everything has to be Trampolines any longer!
Grooming now shows as expected
Steamboat - Apply Mid-Mountain Snow Reporting to All Areas \(Tabs\)
Deer Valley - Update Primary Snowfall Metric Label
Lifts now correctly show open or close icon and the detailed Lift status
Remove Trail/Lifts Count on Mountain Areas
Added missing difficulty labels on Mammoth and BBMR
Corrected CM/IN switching

Friday Dec 1

Per Mountain Area Rollups

The decision was made to remove the per-mountain are open/closed status. With the “hide from trail totals” option in mountain powder this content became too confusing. Either we were showing 7 items and listing 9, or showing 9 and listing 7. So we are in process of removing
Screenshot 2023-12-01 at 2.17.40 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-12-01 at 2.18.06 PM.png

Lift Status’s

To match with our standardized lift status a number of changes have to be made to this section
Removal of Lift Legend (as status icon can only be green or red)
Adding a new feed item to show whether a status such as “Hold” is a closed or open status
Piping through status such as Hold, Wind Hold, etc so that guests can read it on the page

Screenshot 2023-12-01 at 2.21.10 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-12-01 at 2.23.49 PM.png

Smaller Updates

Support ability to show parks more clearly in roll-up
Support a single stations values across mountain areas
Support multiple snow reporting stations across multiple mountain areas
Correctly Label Metrics
Correctly include all types of Grooming statuses
Include all difficulty labels

Pending a successful launch of the changes above we should be able to pick back up with further resort migrations as well as lower priority resort specific changes.

November 29th

We are going to refresh the Lifts & Trails pages to better align with the company's standardized lift/trail status terminology.
As you know, earlier this year Mark Brownlie's team standardized a set of status descriptors (see attached) that map to either Open or Closed. For example, a lift can be "on hold" but its status would be Closed. This means the status "legend" on the new page designs needs to be updated or removed entirely. Before rolling out additional page updates/new resorts, I want to take time to thoroughly review this and make the necessary legend adjustments. My goal is to avoid rushing new designs out to additional resorts before properly aligning with the company's lift/trail status standards.
If you are using the new MtnPowder Dashboard, you have two options:
Revert to your previous version
Keep what you currently have live, knowing that changes are forthcoming
If you would like to revert, please let me know and I will coordinate with teams to restore your previous version. If you have the old version saved in Sitecore, feel free to revert it yourself.
For those on the old MtnPowder Dashboard, new rollouts will occur early next year. We can also discuss delaying until spring if needed.

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