Mountain Powder is a homegrown tool built to standardize weather, snow, lift, trail and activity tracking hardware/software across the resorts in Alterra’s portfolio. Mtn Powder’s aim is to consolidate those different sources into one clean data set, as well as provide easy-to-use tools to self report on lifts, trails, and snowfall data. In addition, Mtn Powder has many other bolt-on features such as historical weather auditing and text message alerting.

Feed Sources

Currently Mountain Powder fetches data from the following data sources:
Open Snow - Weather and Snow Forecasts, they get source data from NOAA and other models and hand edit each resort to match expected conditions daily. Widely regarded as the best in the business.
Aeris Weather - Current conditions from on-mountain weather stations. These are a mix of consumer grade devices and true METAR stations owned and operated by NOAA.
SnoCountry - Ikon Pass partner resorts snowfall, lift, and trail information. We are sunsetting the use of this in alignment with projects in progress.
1Risk - Lift & trail statuses
SkyLynx - Lift wait times (feature turned on for Palisades Tahoe Only)
NOAA - Narrative forecast information
CALTrans - California traffic Information
Big Bear Traffic - Big Bear area traffic Information

Current Conditions Data Flow


Feed Uptime Status

Aeris/X Weather

Feed Consumers

Current known list of feed consumers (not inclusive all possible consumers)
All Sitecore destination websites consume Mtn Powder in the following areas:
Mountain Report Page
Header Icon and Dropdown
Traffic Information Pages
Activity Open/Closed status
Lumiplan digital signage
Kick Dynamics for email embed in resort Dump Alerts or other snowfall-based emails
Resort custom digital signage (100+ signs)
Printable Lift/Trail statuses for resort hotels
MtnPowder Text Alerts (40K+ daily text messages)
Ikon Pass app
Local Mountain app
Vico Maps - Interactive Lift and Trail maps
On the Snow
Denver Post
Apple (not sure how they use this but requested a number of years ago)
Alterra internal reporting team - Use it to map snow against visitation
Internal Team Text Messaging - Reporting on skier numbers, injuries etc to specific group of employees.


The following is a trivial example of a use case of the MtnPowder feed that allows a consumer get an at-a-glance view of open lifts and trails across Alterra’s resorts:

Sample Feed Response


"Name": "Steamboat",
"LastUpdate": "2024-04-24T15:31:53-0600",
"GettingHere": "--",
"OperatingStatus": "--",
"SnowReport": {
"LastUpdate": "2024-04-21T05:01:46-0600",
"BaseConditions": "Spring",
"Report": "Good Morning Skiers and Riders! This is Laurie with your 5 am snow report for Sunday, April 21. It’s the final day of the season! Remember the easiest way to get up to date information is on the Steamboat app or website. \n\n \n\nOur Mid mountain base is 60 inches, the temperature is 34 degrees, the winds are 5 miles per hour from the SW, with clear skies. \n\nThe Summit base is 108 inches, the temperature is 26 degrees, the winds are 10 miles per hour from the WSW with clear skies. \n\n \n\nThe base temperature is 28 degrees. \n\n \n\nWe will be skiing and riding on 12 lifts, 131 runs, and 2577 acres on PP/SP snow. \n\n \n\nDon’t forget it’s springtime and mountain conditions can change quickly. Stay in the know with the new Steamboat Resort App. Find it in the app store on your mobile device and get lift and trail statuses, conditions updates, and more. \n\nIf you are thinking of exploring outside the ski area boundaries, and don’t know exactly where you are going, don’t go. \n\n \n\nSki and Ride with Care and thank you for an amazing winter season! ",
"AdditionalText": "--",
"News": "--",
"Alert": "--",
"StormRadar": "--",
"StormRadarButtonText": "--",
"SafetyReport": "--",
"LiftNotification": "--",
"LastUpdatedLift": {
"Elkhead Express": "closed_for_season"
"OpenTerrainAcres": "2577",
"TotalTerrainAcres": "3741",
"StormTotalIn": "0",
"StormTotalCM": "0",
"AnnualAverageSnowfallIn": "315",
"AnnualAverageSnowfallCm": "853",
"SnowBaseRangeIn": "60 - 108",
"SnowBaseRangeCM": "152 - 274",
"PreferredBaseReporting": "mid",
"SeasonTotalIn": "389",
"SeasonTotalCm": "989",
"SecondarySeasonTotalIn": "389",
"SecondarySeasonTotalCm": "989",
"OpenTerrainHectares": "1043",
"TotalTerrainHectares": "1200",
"TotalOpenTrails": 0,
"TotalTrails": 181,
"TotalTrailsMakingSnow": 0,
"GroomedTrails": 0,
"TotalOpenLifts": 0,
"TotalLifts": 23,
"TotalOpenActivities": 0,
"TotalActivities": 0,
"TotalOpenParks": 0,
"TotalParks": 3,
"OpenNightParks": 0,
"TotalNightParks": 0,
"TotalParkFeatures": 0,
"OpenNightTrails": 0,
"TotalNightTrails": 1,
"BaseArea": {
"SinceLiftsClosedIn": "0",
"BaseIn": "60",
"BaseCm": "152",
"Last24HoursIn": "0",
"Last48HoursIn": "0",
"Last72HoursIn": "0",
"Last7DaysIn": "11",
"SinceLiftsClosedCm": "0",
"Last24HoursCm": "0",
"Last48HoursCm": "0",
"Last72HoursCm": "0",
"Last7DaysCm": "28"
"MidMountainArea": {
"SinceLiftsClosedIn": "0",
"BaseIn": "60",
"BaseCm": "152",
"Last24HoursIn": "0",
"Last48HoursIn": "0",
"Last72HoursIn": "0",
"Last7DaysIn": "11",
"SinceLiftsClosedCm": "0",
"Last24HoursCm": "0",
"Last48HoursCm": "0",
"Last72HoursCm": "0",
"Last7DaysCm": "28"
"SummitArea": {
"SinceLiftsClosedIn": "0",
"BaseIn": "108",
"BaseCm": "274",
"Last24HoursIn": "0",
"Last48HoursIn": "0",
"Last72HoursIn": "0",
"Last7DaysIn": "15",
"SinceLiftsClosedCm": "0",
"Last24HoursCm": "0",
"Last48HoursCm": "0",
"Last72HoursCm": "0",
"Last7DaysCm": "38"
"AllMountain": {
"Last24HoursIn": "0",
"Last48HoursIn": "0",
"Last72HoursIn": "0",
"Last7DaysIn": "15",
"Last24HoursCm": "0",
"Last48HoursCm": "0",
"Last72HoursCm": "0",
"Last7DaysCm": "38",
"SinceLiftsClosedIn": "0",
"SinceLiftsClosedCm": "0"
"GroomingActive": "true",
"SnowMakingActive": "false",
"ApiMetrics": "--",
"TotalHalfpipes": 0,
"OpenHalfpipes": 0

Trails by Area

"MountainAreas": [
"Id": 155,
"Name": "Steamboat",
"LastUpdate": "2024-04-22T08:12:40-0600",
"OpenTrailsCount": 0,
"TotalTrailsCount": 176,
"Trails": [
"Id": 817,
"Name": "Alarm Clock",
"MountainAreaName": "Steamboat",
"StatusId": 30,
"Status": "Closed for Season",
"StatusEnglish": "closed_for_season",
"UpdateDate": "2024-04-22T08:13:25-0600",
"Difficulty": "Advanced",
"TrailIcon": "BlackDiamond",
"StatusIcon": "closed",
"SnowMaking": "No",
"Grooming": "No",
"NightSkiing": "No",
"Moguls": "No",
"Glades": "No",
"Touring": "No",
"Nordic": "No",
"TerrainParkOnRun": "No",
"RunOfTheDay": "No",
"TrailSummary": "--",
"TerrainParkFeatures": 0

Current Conditions by Elevation

"CurrentConditions": {
"Base": {
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