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OT Go-Live Process

Go-Live Process (Old Process)

Step 1: Gabii or Miriam to publish OT CDN script in the head (before call)
Step 2: Gabii or Miriam to publish OT via UI
Step 3: Patrick to publish OT footer Link via Adobe Tags
Step 4: Jeromy to publish updated Sitecore Scripts one by one from document (Brooke to screenshare)
QA Step 3:Brooke/Jeromy go through 1x1 each script to make sure it doesn’t break the page (Brooke Screenshare)
Step 5: Brooke/Patrick to final QA OT to make sure calls/blocking works (Patrick to screenshare)

Go-Live Process (updated)

1. Gather all Non-GTM Scripts and iFrames from destination website(s).

If it passes a cookie to a browser, it has to be modified with a new class rule according to its OneTrust Cookie Category.
There are 5 out-of-the-box categories. You can read more about them
Centralized Non-GTM Scripts & iFrames Spreadsheet is
Update with all hard-coded cookie scripts.
Add classification tags to hard-coded cookie scripts.
Update all scripts on the website(s) with the new classification tags.
Categorize all scripts according to OneTrust Cookie Categories in OneTrust UI.
This should be done in co-operation with the destination.

2. Gather all GTM Scripts and iFrames.

Classification Trigger rules need to be built and deployed within GTM according to each tag’s cookie category.

3. Define and scan destination web domain in OneTrust.

Categorize all scripts and iFrames on the website.
This should be done in co-operation with the destination.

4. Assign Geolocation ruleset to the domain.

The Default Ruleset contains up-to-date Geolocation rules for the whole planet. Other entities outside of Alterra may be using our OneTrust implementation. They have their own rulesets ex: Ski Butlers.
Apply Brand Styling to consent banner and preference centre templates.

5. Publish Test Scripts in OneTrust and QA in Preview.

a. Previews should be approved by destination representative.

6. Install Production CDN Scripts on all Destination Web properties.

The header tag should be installed as high up in the head as possible. Ideally, the order of operations should be <head><OneTrust>.
This should be done in co-operation with the destination.
The footer tag can be placed in the footer.

7. Publish OneTrust Footer Tag in ADTM (if necessary).

This should be done with 85SIXTY.

8. Publish Production Scripts in OneTrust.

Test the Head tag and the Footer tag.

9. QA OneTrust on all Destination Web properties.

Refer to doc for testing requirements.

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